May Writing Goals

I’ve come to two conclusions since last week:

  1. Fridays should be my writing days.
  2. I’m going to finish my novel before continuing my next collection of essays.

I’ve recently started working with my cousin and (separately) her web designer. I’m working part time for both of them (9a-1p and 1p-5p, respectively), but I don’t work for either of them on Fridays. So, instead of trying to cram writing time into my current morning routine (which does not allow for 1-2 hours of writing), I figure Friday should be the day I spend on book and blog work.

I’m down to one blog now (this one), and I really want to focus on making this space better for you and for me (I’ve mentioned my merch dreams before). I also really want to clean the first half of this novel up and then finish it.

I printed the 73-page draft at Staples last week and it cost me almost $12. I don’t have a reliable printer at home, so if you know of less expensive ways to print a manuscript, please let me know. I also bought a 24-pack of Pen + Gear Dual-End Markers from Walmart, which are supposed to be similar to the Zebra Mildliners but less expensive (I’ll let you know how I like them later). My goal is to assign one color to each character and highlight each character as I read through this draft. Once each character is highlighted throughout, I will edit character-by-character to clean up the narratives and fill in plot/character holes. I’ll update you on my progress as I go.

That brings me to my decision to finish this novel first. I started drafting this novel in 2016 during a period of unemployment when I had a lot of time on my hands (I hadn’t become a plant mom yet). After self-publishing my collection of essays and short stories last year, I wanted to go into my next collection of essays immediately.

However, I’m still working through some of the relationships and experiences that need to be included in this next collection, and I don’t want to rush through the healing that needs to take place in order for me to feel comfortable talking (writing) about these experiences. I tried to force it, but it left me stumped and frustrated.

Thankfully, my novel is completely fictional. And although there is a lot of work to be done to it, it’s not personal at all, and I think I need that kind of break while still being able to move forward.

So, the goals for May are to thoroughly review and edit each of my character descriptions and then edit as much of their storylines as possible. Once the individual and overall storylines have been tidied, then I can move forward with writing the rest of the book.

I will try my hardest not to get lost in the story again. There are a lot of weeds to cut through, but we’ll get there.

Lastly, I’m almost done reading Luster. It was an impromptu Overdrive download because I needed something to read while waiting on my tires to be replaced. My feelings aren’t settled on what’s happening in this book, but we’ll chat about that another time.

Happy reading!