Winging It

I did not have anything in mind to post today. I’ve been so stressed out lately and trying to manage that stress takes up almost all of my energy.

I did, however, finally start reading Parabale of the Talents (yay me!). I don’t remember this book at all even though I know I read it. I’m going to try to remember to take notes so I can relay my thoughts to you fully when I’m done.

I have plans to expand the content provided here outside of just reading and writing, and I’m trying to decide on the best way to do so. I still want to keep the overall theme of words/literature, but also incorporate more things that make me feel the way reading and writing make me feel (like I’m taking care of myself)…kind of like how I’ve been adding posts about the teas I’m drinking (stuck on Gunpowder Green Tea mixed with ginger root…also drinking it unsweetened).

Honestly, my brain is too stressed right now to have a cohesive plan in place, but I’m going to try some new things to help. Right now, starting with essential oil roll-ons to help with calming and focus. I’ll be ordering those soon, and I will let you know if they help.

Next week we’ve got our final installment of BIG GIRLS. It was a fun little project. Writing mini fiction and decreasing the word count each time while still trying to convey the overall theme was a challenge, but I got it down to as few words as I could while still telling a story.

We’re on a ride…a journey…and I’m not sure where we will ultimately go, but I know that it’ll be worth the trip.

Until next time…

Happy Reading!