Suzanne Collins: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

My last summer read was supposed to be Long Division, however, we took a little Hunger Games detour.

I was at the bookstore a couple of weeks ago doing research for how to price my upcoming book when I notice a book cover that looked familiar. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was, in fact, a new Hunger Games book. It’s been ten years or so since the last book was published, and I had no idea there was another book coming out, so I was completely surprised by the find. The new book is titled The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes and is a prequal to The Hunger Games, focusing on a young Coriolanus Snow.

I did not want to purchase the new book until I confirmed whether or not I’d kept the previous books in my collection. Since my book bin is in storage, it’ll take a few months to confirm. If I did keep the first three books, then I will eventually purchase this new one to complete my collection. However, I wanted to read it in the meantime. Thankfully, I found it on OverDrive so I could read it without purchasing it!

I borrowed the book for 21 days, which is the longer of the two borrowing options, and finished it with ten days to spare (and on the first day of fall to boot). I didn’t find it as good as the other books in the series, but I did enjoy it and I’d love to see it as a movie. It was entertaining and even shocking at times. I found myself staying up too late to read one more chapter (which turned into three more chapters, obviously), and I really want to know what happened to Lucy Gray Baird.

Long Division is going to be a fall read, so we’ll talk about that later.

In other book news… I got the sample copy of my book in the mail Friday and it’s crazy to me that I wrote a book. Like, I knew I was writing a book, but it was just a Word doc for so long. Seeing it and holding it in my hands made it so much more real. I did not cry, but I am so incredibly excited. Now, I just need to read through it to make sure there are no content or formatting mistakes to correct before making it available for you all to purchase.

The goal is November 1st for availability and November 11th for our Zoom party (registration will be required and a link to that will go out towards the end of October).

Anyway, that’s it for me today.

Happy Reading!