What Did I Write This Month?

8 blog posts (including this one)

11 journal entries

1 million words worth of work-related cover letters, applications, emails, texts, and notes

1/2 of a short story

and a sprinkling of texts to friends and family so they know I’m still alive.

This month has been a bit of a challenge mentally, which is ironic because it’s Mental Health Awareness Month. I am well, though, and I’m incredibly grateful for that.

Our 7 year-old Cichlid died Sunday, and the sight of his dead fish body laying in the corner of the tank shocked me. I wasn’t expecting it, and I am very affected by the sight of dead things that I once knew. My body has a visceral reaction to seeing dead pets, and seeing Gulp like that made my stomach clench so tight that I turned away and couldn’t move for about five minutes. Thankfully, someone else was home to bury the body, and I was able to move through the rest of my day unaffected.

I’m still not able to eat indoors at a restaurant, but I gave BurgerIm another try, and their Impossible burger made with the toppings from the grilled chicken sandwich (California toppings, I think) is delicious. Also, surprisingly, their garlic parm chicken wings are really good.

Clearly, I’m rambling today. I have to work in the office while our house is being inspected, and I really just don’t like working in the office anymore. Working from home has me spoiled, but I’m grateful that I have the option to work part of my day in the office while things are being done at the house that I can’t be present for.

I’m still reading Everything Inside. Slowly. I’ve got 8 or 9 days left of my 21-day OverDrive rental, so I’ll probably have to renew it. The days as a whole go by so fast, even though, a lot of the time, they drag on individually.

I have this vision of myself sitting by a pool, drinking a wine slushy. I don’t have a pool, but I know where to get stuff to make the slushy. I have a feeling my summer is going to consist of quite a few of them. Am I looking forward to summer? I mean, it’s Florida, so not quite, but also… it’s summer, so kind of. We’ll see how (if) this summer compares to the last one… I’m still not out in these streets, regardless of what yall’s governor says.

Again, I’m rambling. I don’t do it often here, but sometimes a little shaking is beneficial.

Happy reading, happy writing, and stay hydrated my friends!