A Book Cover Reveal

New post on a Friday? Something must be happening!

Yup! My book cover has been finalized! YAY!! I’ve been impressed by the most complicated part of myself to reveal it slowly on Instagram over the next few weeks.

Now, you could check out our Instagram page every Friday and Tuesday for the next six weeks to see each piece revealed in what hopefully turns out to be a beautiful 12-post spread on our feed, or you could just visit our IG in 6 weeks to see the full image… whatever feels good in your spirit… but I hope you choose the first option.

We’ll still have a new post here every Tuesday, so don’t worry, but this seems like the loveliest way to do a cover reveal. The book itself will be released in November, so stay tuned for more info on that.

To release party or not to release party? That is the question. I’m thinking something a little personal, a little virtual, but definitely putting the book cover on a Publix sheet cake and taking more pictures of it than appropriate!

If you have any ideas on how you’d like to celebrate this book release with me, I’m open to suggestions!

The first little corner is on IG now… go check it out… or wait 6 weeks. Totally up to you (whispers: go check it out!).

Happy Reading!


“I said what the fuck I said!”


And that’s all folks! Now, I’m sure I could figure out a one-word story, but I’ve decided against it. I think I’ve pared these characters down as far as they’d like. We’ve had some big bodies, some big personalities, and some big mouths over the course of this little series.

We’ll see what we want to play with next. Until then…

Happy Reading!


                Janet twirled around the fountain—fuchsia dress flowing out around her, feet barely touching the ground—dancing to inaudible music. She reached for a nearby child and spun him in the air.

                “How do you even deal with her?” Levi scoffed.

                A smile spread slowly across Jay’s face. “Love, man.”