Why I’m Afraid to Talk About Religion and How I’m Going to Do It Anyway

I’ve always felt like I should keep my religion a secret; like I should separate it from every public-facing aspect of my life.

Growing up, we were taught that in the last days the world would hate us because we kept the Sabbath and people who were tasked to enforce Sunday religious laws would come after us and kill us. We were taught we’d have to hide and not let anyone know who we were in order to stay alive.

That’s how I heard it, anyway.

We were also taught that we had to share the gospel and the love of God to people we encountered in life.

I used to keep a separate blog where I talked about my religion and my relationship with God (they are not one in the same), but one of the things I’m practicing with my leadership coach is reeling in all the pieces of me that I have spread out in various places and proceeding from a space of wholeness and authenticity.

And the truth is, my religion has played a tremendous part in who I am (positively, neutrally, and negatively).

I’m not going to start posting a bunch of religious content here—I’m not particularly “religious” in a public-facing way anyhow—but I am going to stop trying to purposely leave it out. This space is becoming about more than just what I’m reading, and there are character development things that happen in my life that involve religion, so I’m just not ignoring it anymore.

Anyway, that’s it.