How About Some Cookies?

I was supposed to post about Long Division today, but I’ve only gotten through the first side of the book. Book 1. I haven’t yet started Book 2 (flip it over and turn it upside down), so I can’t comment on it just yet. I will say, though, City is an interesting kid with interesting language and friends who are not nice at all.

Instead, I will share with you two cookie recipes that are incredibly delicious. I made them Friday and had to send half of them to work with my mother so we wouldn’t eat them all ourselves.

The first is a batch of Cream Cheese Cookies from John of Preppy Kitchen. I love his recipes and videos. My birthday cake last year came mostly from his recipes, and it was delicious!

Next up, Strawberry Shortcake Cookies from Divas Can Cook! So, sometime last year, I had a dream that I’d made strawberry shortcake cookies. I’d never had them before, I’d never even seen them before, but they looked incredible in my dream so I had to find them in real life. I consulted my best friend (Google) and bam! I made them frequently for a few months and then stopped. But here’s to old favorites making a comeback.

I usually post food stuff over there, but figured I’d treat you all here as well. I’m on a mission to try fall recipes this season, so, hopefully I’ll find some good cookies, drinks, and other dessert recipes that make me feel warm and cozy while I curl up with a good book.

Happy Reading (and Baking)!