Oyinkan Braithwaite: My Sister, the Serial Killer

I’ll be honest, I was a bit disappointed with this one. It was a fairly quick read, but the chapters were choppy, there were a lot of questions not answered, and, quite frankly, I really wanted one of the main characters to die (is that bad?).

So the book is mainly about a woman named Korede whose sister, Ayoola, keeps killing her boyfriends. According to Ayoola, each one of these men deserved it because they tried to hurt her, but even when Korede doubts (or knows) that isn’t factual, she serves as the clean up woman for her sister.

The only time Korede actually cares about the man her sister is dating is when it happens to be Tade, a man from work who Korede has her own infatuation with. She does try to warn him, but her sister’s manipulation has him thinking that Korede is too judgmental of her sister when all Ayoola wants is her approval.

I did find the relationship between Korede and her comatose patient, Muhtar, interesting. Actually, he was the character I liked the most.

I really wanted there to be some sort of consequence for Ayoola. Even after Ayoola tried to turn Tade against Korede by making him think she was condescending and awful to her, Korede still defended her sister to the end. I wished she hadn’t.

I don’t know guys. I mean, it was readable, but it wasn’t my favorite. Especially as Ayoola had gotten away with four murders far too easily. Give it a go if you wish. It wasn’t bad. But I have read better.

Happy Reading!