Hello 2022

Well, Happy New Year!

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been here. I hope you enjoyed the holidays and are doing well. My holidays were fairly low key and restful and now I’m ready for some new things.

I’ve got some pretty big goals for the next few months, and one of them is to read more so I have more books to talk about here. I also want to write two more books this year (which will likely impact my ability to read more than last year). One is a novel I started writing in 2016 that I need to finish, and the other is a collection of essays similar to the book I released in November.

Many of my goals for this year are just continuations and improvements on what I’ve been doing. Because, let’s be honest, each day/month/year is just a continuation of the one prior. But it’s still nice to feel the sense of refreshment that comes with each new day and each new year.

We’ll see what this year brings. Praying for more good, more fun, more health, more laughter, more love, and, let’s be real, more money.

What’s on your 2022 to-do list?