A Late Mother’s Day

My momma is my favorite person. She had to work Mother’s Day, so we decided to treat her this past Sunday. She and I spent some time at Ikea, then I sent her to get a pedicure while I cleaned out her car a bit. Even though she already had an appointment to get it detailed this week, she’s been so busy that the car needed a little pre-detail sprucing, so I took care of that while she was getting her toes done. After she finished trying out a new nail salon, we headed to a late lunch with my brother and dad (she didn’t know dad was coming; it was a little surprise). We tried a new (for us) Mexican restaurant for lunch because my mother loves Mexican food.

I quite often feel guilty for not being able to do as much for my mom as she deserves. She works so hard (always has) and takes such good care of everyone around her. I wish I could give her more. I wish I could pay off her car and take her to a real spa with mud baths and cucumber wraps and full body scrubs where they serve tea and wine and sparkling water and have stringent sanitization practices and fluffy oversized robes.

She doesn’t ask for any of these things. Ever. I feel guilty, nonetheless. The only thing my mom wanted for Mother’s Day was a pedicure and Mexican food. We gave her exactly what she wanted (plus finally cleared out the extra tile and bricks the builder left on the patio and set up the patio furniture with her new pillows) and she had a great day. I still pray I can do much more for her next year. Filling the dining room with roses sounds like a really cool idea (right now).

Sending love to those who can’t do as much for their mom(s) as they would like and those who are missing their mom(s) this time of year.