What goes better with a good book than…

…a cup of tea?

I heart a good cup of tea whether or not it’s with a good book (or any book for that matter).

I went on a trip to Georgia last year with my mom, aunt, and a few of my girl-cousins. While at the Mall of Georgia I found this cute little tea store that sold loose leaf tea. I was the only one excited about it so while my mom and cousins went to the Apple store, I went in to smell several different tea combinations.

Now, I was initially put off by the price of the tea. When you’re used to paying less than $5.00 for a box of tea at a grocery store, seeing a $16.50 price tag for 4oz of loose leaf tea is not really appealing (I said I liked tea, not that I was good at it).

They did have sample sizes for $2.99, however, so I picked up three of those and went on my merry little way. They also sold prepared tea (iced and hot) so I ended up returning with my mom so she could get a passion fruit iced tea (I tasted it and it was delicious!).

I went home with Tea Clan’s At the Waterfront herbal tea, Cherry Rose green tea, and Coconut Cacao Pu’erh tea.

I am not a daily tea drinker but I do go through phases where I drink tea constantly. Those three little bags of tea lasted almost a year before I had to restock my stash (I actually still have some of the Coconut Cacao tea because I haven’t reconciled drinking a tea that tastes like it should be warm and creamy with not wanting my tea to be creamy). This time I ordered online (since I don’t live in Georgia) and got the Sleep Tea, Be Happy Tea, and some Ginger Root.

I love the look of the little blue cornflower petals in the Sleep Tea, but I’ve come to realize I am not a fan of chamomile, so this will not be a tea I buy again. My favorite tea by far, though, is one I made using the Ginger Root from Tea Clan and some Gunpowder Green Tea I bought from Lucky’s before the one in my area closed.

Half Gunpowder, half Ginger, lots of honey. Perfection.

I sacrificed my own happiness and used the rest of my Gunpowder Green Tea to make my mom a mug to take to work. Thankfully Tea Clan also sells Gunpowder Green Tea so I’ll be able to restock the next time I buy tea (I can’t get myself to pay $8 shipping for a $3 bag of tea so I have to wait until I restock completely).

I want to try flowering teas next. They look beautiful in photos I’ve seen and I’d like to find a local place to get a few since Tea Clan doesn’t seem to have them online. Maybe that’ll be my next adventure…finding a local non-grocery store source of good tea.

Until then…

Happy Reading!