My First Book Signing

It’s funny how we have ideas in our heads about what we want and what we will or won’t do and how we so often end up doing things we said we wouldn’t or not doing things we said we would. When I started seriously working on the publishing process for Discovering My Outside Voice, I had no intentions of promoting it, let alone getting it into a local store or having a book signing. This started as a passion project and still is for the most part, but I’m now a bit more excited about how exposure for the book can change my plans in great ways.

Over the weekend, I had my first book signing at the most adorable bookstore we’ve ever had in Clermont, FL. Our family moved to Clermont in 2001, and there have been a couple bookstores that have made their way into the downtown area, but none of them lasted more than a few years. As a person who likes cute local bookstores, it was always a bummer when the store would move out of the area or close down entirely. But now we have Sunshine Book Co. to enjoy, and I hope they stick around a while.

Sunshine’s owner, Beth, has been incredible since the first day I walked into the store. She was incredibly welcoming and made this whole process so simple. She has an entire shelf dedicated to local authors, and it was fun to look through and see if I recognized any of the names. There are a few books on local history, and I definitely recognized some of the names written about in those books.

For my signing, I arrived just as the store was opening Sunday as I had the 11am-1pm time slot. Beth had a little bag with a bottle of water, a mint, and the store’s bookmark sitting on the table, and then laid out a blanket as a table cover. I’d brought five copies of the book (in addition to the copies already in the store) and laid them out on the table along with the bookmarks I’d had made previously as advertising material.

I spent much of the day chatting with Katherine, a retired massage therapist and fellow author who recently moved to the area. I was visited by friends, family, my mom’s girl gang from work, and also met a few new faces—Lori and Jessica—who each purchased a copy of the book. I was incredibly excited to see my stack of books dwindle to nothing as people came in to purchase and have me sign their copies.

This was the first in-person event for Discovering My Outside Voice, and I’m actually excited about the possibility of doing more. I have saved a video to watch about doing a virtual book signing. I really enjoyed the in-person book signing (more than I thought I would), but I’m also curious about the virtual signing process, so we’ll see what that’s about.

I will make it known when I have other events on the calendar. I’m excited to see where this book takes me.

Happy Reading!


Can we take a second to appreciate a short work week? We had a great time on vacation, but I got almost no sleep because I can never sleep in strange beds, so I’m still playing catch up with my Zs. Our administrative assistant is out all week so I’m back to doing both our jobs (like I have been for the last two and a half years before she started this position in September)… but only for the next three days. Hooray!

Thanksgiving season always brings about reminders of how grateful we should be. I’ve been doing a 365-day gratitude challenge since last Thanksgiving. It started out as a photo challenge on Instagram, but quickly devolved into a running list in the notepad app on my phone. Regardless, I’ve been taking time daily to find something for which I am grateful.

This week, I am most grateful that I got to spend a lovely Sunday with some of my favorite women who I have not spent time with (except for two of them, but one is my mom) in over a year.

We had a book brunch picnic, but didn’t talk a whole lot about the book. It was just really nice to spend time together in a safe and comfortable way. We shared stories and advice, enjoyed the cool cloudy weather, and ate yummy food. I made individual brunch boxes which included egg and cheese souffles from Panera, fruit, mini chocolate and blueberry muffins, and fancy strawberries from one of my cousins who couldn’t attend. For drinks, we had sparkling cider, water, and one of the ladies brought mimosas. We had a fantastic time!

Two more days of work for me this week, then I can enjoy a long weekend and maybe finally finish catching up on a week of limited sleep and insufficient water intake (sigh).

What are you thankful for this week… month… year? Let me know.

Happy… being.

My First Bookish Event

The past couple of weeks have flown by! We had our Zoom party this past Saturday night, and it turned out well. I had little idea about how to host a fun book release zoom party, but I think I did okay. Only about half of those who registered attended, but the smaller group made it more comfortable for me talking about Discovering My Outside Voice. I started crying, of course, and I would have liked for people to ask me questions about the book as a whole or even certain parts of it, but I think we had a good time regardless.

Also, congratulations to Memi for winning our giveaway box! I did end up adding some additional items to the gift box. This is the final look:

Outside Voice Giveaway Box: 1 Copy of Discovering My Outside Voice: Essays and Short Stories, 1 Outside Voice Bookmark, 1 Spiral Notebook, 1 Pink NINE & TWO Press Engraved Ballpoint Pen, 2 Loose Leaf Tea Sample Bags from The Tea Spot–Moroccan Mint Tea and Lady Lavender, 1 Stainless Steel Tea Ball. Also, faux flowers instead of filler paper.

Creating this gift box was so much fun! I included things I personally love and hope our winner loves as well.

I will be planning a book signing (at the request of my mother’s friends, ha!) for January 2022. I had no intent to do a book signing to begin with. This is my first book, why would anyone care to have a signed copy? That was my thought, anyway. However, more than one person requested a signature, so I am obliging by scheduling a signing at a local (to my old neighborhood) bookstore. I went by there Sunday with my mom to check it out while we were running errands, and it’s super cute. I’m kind of excited now.

That’s the thing about doing a thing… it forces you to interact with more people and push yourself beyond what typically feels comfortable. Sometimes I wish I had a twin who enjoyed doing all the public-facing stuff so I could keep to the background where I feel safe. But I am expanding. Purposely and purposefully.

I’m on vacation this week, so I shouldn’t hang around here too long. We’ve got some sightseeing to do!

Until next time…

Happy Reading!