Haphazardly Vanishing

How was your Christmas (or whichever other Holiday you celebrate)? I rested last week. Christmas week is the only paid vacation time I get at work, and it’s been one hellofayear (intentionally one word), so I decided to do nothing last week. I wanted to truly and intentionally rest my brain. I laid on the couch, watched Christmas movies, watched not Christmas movies, and just really let myself be. And, yes, I did download an app to help design my new office space since I have to physically return to the office next week (major bummer for me), but other than that I did no work-related things and avoided all work-related thoughts.

I did start a new book though!

Okay, so my reading this year started of really good and then sort of dwindled to a once-a-week-if-I-have-time sort of thing. I started Parable of the Talents in November, and still haven’t finished it, but that’s mostly because my Overdrive hold of The Vanishing Half finally came through. I put a hold on this eBook in…April?…May?…several months ago…and just got it maybe two weeks ago. I’m really enjoying the book, though my reading of it is still haphazard and the days of my hold are swiftly vanishing and I don’t think I’m going to finish it before my hold is up and it’s such a popular book right now that I’m sure there are several other holds on it so once my remaining 4 DAYS are up I’m gonna lose it and probably have to wait several more months before I can get it back! [deep breath]

Should I just buy the book? I’m still kinda-sorta on the same book buying freeze I started at the beginning of 2019. I’ve bought less than 10 books in the past two years which is a record for me. I just don’t have the storage space I want. Most of my books are in a bin in my parents garage [insert exasperated sigh emoji].

I’m going to get through as much of this book as possible over the next few days and I’ll have to deal with the consequences of not reading much last week. Once my hold is up, we’ll see how long it takes me to get this book back; once my hold is up, I will go back to reading (re-reading) Octavia. I’m okay with that.

What are y’all reading during this holiday season? Any plans for New Year’s Eve? Let me know.

Until next time…

Happy Reading!