I Feel Cheated! Tale of a Bad Buy.

Technically, it’s my own fault because I didn’t look at the page count in the item description. But I never do that! When I buy a book I assume it’s a book!

So a few months ago I came across this book on Instagram…or maybe the woman’s YouTube channel was suggested in my feed…I don’t really remember. However I came across it, the book sounded interesting. I was prioritizing other purchases at the time so I stuck it in my Amazon wish list for later and let it sit there.

Fast forward a month or two and I get my Christmas bonus from my job. Great! Now I don’t feel guilty about buying a $14 book. I placed my order (the book and a couple other things) and waited patiently for it to arrive. Honestly, even after it arrived I let the box sit in the garage for a few days before I even opened it.

New Year’s Eve. I’m coming in from taking all my work equipment back to the office (#WFH is officially over for me at this job and I’m now spending my days back in an office) and see the box waiting for me. I open it…I take out the first item…then I look down. Is that a folded piece of paper? It’s not a receipt or packing slip. Maybe it’s the warranty information for one of the other items. Nope! I pick it up…it’s the book.

I use “book” very lightly here. It’s more a pamphlet than a book. I think I feel me ears pop. After getting over the initial shock, I look at the book listing on Amazon and sure enough…47 pages! 47 freaking pages and you charged me $14!!!!!!!

I took the L on this one because I didn’t do my due diligence. I never thought I had to, but now I know better. Let the lady have my money this time, but I’ll likely never purchase another title of hers.

So, yea, I felt cheated out of my hard earned Christmas bonus. I mean, not all of it of course, but enough of it. Do you know what I could’ve done with that 14 bucks? Bought an actual book!

I say all this to say…

1) Writers, don’t cheat your readers like this, and

2) Readers, pay attention to the details.

Happy Reading!