Can we take a second to appreciate a short work week? We had a great time on vacation, but I got almost no sleep because I can never sleep in strange beds, so I’m still playing catch up with my Zs. Our administrative assistant is out all week so I’m back to doing both our jobs (like I have been for the last two and a half years before she started this position in September)… but only for the next three days. Hooray!

Thanksgiving season always brings about reminders of how grateful we should be. I’ve been doing a 365-day gratitude challenge since last Thanksgiving. It started out as a photo challenge on Instagram, but quickly devolved into a running list in the notepad app on my phone. Regardless, I’ve been taking time daily to find something for which I am grateful.

This week, I am most grateful that I got to spend a lovely Sunday with some of my favorite women who I have not spent time with (except for two of them, but one is my mom) in over a year.

We had a book brunch picnic, but didn’t talk a whole lot about the book. It was just really nice to spend time together in a safe and comfortable way. We shared stories and advice, enjoyed the cool cloudy weather, and ate yummy food. I made individual brunch boxes which included egg and cheese souffles from Panera, fruit, mini chocolate and blueberry muffins, and fancy strawberries from one of my cousins who couldn’t attend. For drinks, we had sparkling cider, water, and one of the ladies brought mimosas. We had a fantastic time!

Two more days of work for me this week, then I can enjoy a long weekend and maybe finally finish catching up on a week of limited sleep and insufficient water intake (sigh).

What are you thankful for this week… month… year? Let me know.

Happy… being.

A Book Cover Reveal

New post on a Friday? Something must be happening!

Yup! My book cover has been finalized! YAY!! I’ve been impressed by the most complicated part of myself to reveal it slowly on Instagram over the next few weeks.

Now, you could check out our Instagram page every Friday and Tuesday for the next six weeks to see each piece revealed in what hopefully turns out to be a beautiful 12-post spread on our feed, or you could just visit our IG in 6 weeks to see the full image… whatever feels good in your spirit… but I hope you choose the first option.

We’ll still have a new post here every Tuesday, so don’t worry, but this seems like the loveliest way to do a cover reveal. The book itself will be released in November, so stay tuned for more info on that.

To release party or not to release party? That is the question. I’m thinking something a little personal, a little virtual, but definitely putting the book cover on a Publix sheet cake and taking more pictures of it than appropriate!

If you have any ideas on how you’d like to celebrate this book release with me, I’m open to suggestions!

The first little corner is on IG now… go check it out… or wait 6 weeks. Totally up to you (whispers: go check it out!).

Happy Reading!

Candice Carty-Williams: QUEENIE

Queenie Queenie Queenie….

The was the first book that the entire book club group enjoyed, even those who hadn’t read it all the way through. It was highly entertaining….and so, so cringy.

The series of gross men and bad decisions that Queenie went through…I literally yelled at the book several times. The women in this book seemed to have such little self-worth and settled for the worst possible treatment. However, examining Queenie’s experiences prompted some really great questions which facilitated a great conversation with the group.

Here are some of those questions:

  • How important is it to share our “stuff” in our relationships, and how much should we share? (“stuff” being past trauma, or in general, things that we tend to keep hidden)
  • How do we make sure the person we’re dating, if of another race, is culturally sensitive/aware?
  • Is “want” as simple as do or do not?
  • How important is intimacy between female family members?
  • Why do Black people across the globe oppose mental health as a legitimate thing, particularly the older generations?
  • Are there really no happy endings for Black women?
  • Why do older generations (especially Caribbean people) think that because they suffered we need to suffer as well? Why do they think because they held onto their pain that we can’t let go of ours?


I read the book slowly over three days, more than half of it being read on the second day. I liked the way it was written, but I still had a lot of questions. I didn’t think Queenie’s trauma and sleep paralysis were ever fully addressed, and I couldn’t seem to understand why she wanted Tom so badly—he wasn’t that great.

This book sparked a lot of thought about how we relate to people we’re dating, how we cope with our own stressors and trauma, who we seek help and advice from when we’re going through something.

It has been the best book club read so far. You should probably pick it up.

Happy reading!