It’s Here!

Did we do it? Did I do it? Did I actually write and publish a book?!

Yesterday was crazy busy. Between doctors appointments, an actual day job, therapy, and book release things, I may not have been able to manage well without coffee and snacks, but I made it! And we have a book!

This has been a long time coming, and I’ve struggled a lot over the years with what this book could (and should) be, but I didn’t give up on it (even when I was exhausted and scared). I am so proud of how this book turned out, yall!

That’s it, that’s the tweet. I’ve been finding myself saying this a lot lately, lol.

I’m having a Zoom party on the 13th to celebrate. Visit our book page to purchase a copy of the book and register for the party. Those who register and attend, will be entered to win a gift box from me.

What’s in the box? Check it out (my annoying need to make other people happy may dictate more goes into this box, but I’m trying to keep her in check, so what you see is definitely what the winner will be getting):

I hope you all love it!

Happy Reading!

My Favorite Season and Book Update

Tomorrow if the first day of fall, and I am so excited. I LOVE FALL! I love the colors, weather, layers, flavors… all of it. However, I hate Halloween, so I don’t get most into the fall spirit until November 1st. Even so, the next month or so is going to be busy with wrapping up the book, planning for our virtual book launch, and also planning for my first real vacation in two years.

Can we talk about how excited I am for this vacation for just a second? My family is going to the Georgia mountains the week before Thanksgiving. I hope to give yall beautiful pictures of trees and leaves turning colors, fall drinks with the fam, and fireside chats. Because we live in an apartment with a really small fridge (compared to the house-size fridge I’ve become accustomed to) right now, we’re going to cook a big turkey dinner during our vacation and do a smaller version for actual Thanksgiving day the following week.

We don’t yet have anything planned activity-wise. We want to relax, talk, explore the property, and maybe do one or two activities in the area, but mostly relax. We’ve never vacationed in this area so we don’t know what to expect. I’m honestly just hoping the cabin location is in a comfortable spot. I get really nervous with the car driving up mountains and narrow roads, so I hope it isn’t too high up. If it is, I’ll likely not want to leave the cabin more than once. I want it to be cozy and special and I’m on the hunt for fall drink recipes to try out along with some fireside activities.

Onto the book update! We’re almost there. I’ve got to set up my KDP info and order preview copies over the next month so I can make sure it’s right. I’m so glad to be getting to the end of this process. Mostly because I’m excited for this accomplishment, but also, I’m ready to get this off my overly full plate. I’m tired, yall.

We’re doing a book cover reveal on Instagram. I initially planned to stretch it over a 6-week period, but, in all honesty, I’m annoyed at myself for planning it that way. If you’ve been here for any amount of time, you know I change things as they need to be changed. I don’t feel stuck with most decisions I make when it comes to writing, blogging, and social media. I remind myself frequently that I’m in control and changing my mind will not devastate anything. Now, if I could only retain that mindset in other areas of my life… sigh. I’m working on it.

That said, I’m going to expedite this cover release. Three posts today, Friday, and next Tuesday. Each little piece of the book cover puzzle has information about the book, so read the captions if you want more details about the content of the book and inspiration behind it. Also, I noticed the way the cover was sliced into its various pieces resulted in a mildly distorted cover. You’ll notice letters looking a little wonky, but you’ll get the cover and I’ll post a single photo of the cover as well so you see it in it’s unsliced state.

Registration for the virtual book launch will be available in October. Our book launch will be the weekend of November 12, but I’m still trying to decide on the best day. Probably Sunday, but also maybe Thursday evening? I don’t know yet yall. We’ll figure it out. There will be a giveaway!

Registering for the virtual book launch AND attending will give you the opportunity to win an Outside Voice gift box! The winner will be chosen during the launch and will win a copy of the book along with some other goodies I’ve designed. I’m super excited, and once everything comes in, I’ll be posting pictures of the gift, so make sure you’re following @ninentwo on Instagram for those updates.

Just a note, the book cover will be revealed here on the blog after Instagram.

That’s it for now, that’s the update. If you have a favorite non-alcoholic fall-inspired drink, I’d love to hear about it. I want something the entire family can enjoy during our trip in November. Something crisp and cool as well as something warm and cozy. Let me know your favorites below.

Happy writing, and happy fall!