Book 2 Update

Just a note: I’ve decided to try something different with this book, and I’ll let you know what it is later.

Update: I am going into self-edits. It feels exciting and also overwhelming.

The main story in Book 2 is one I started as a novel with parallel storylines that intersect at the end but has been reduced to just one of those stories. This story has seen so many iterations that I don’t even remember exactly where it was going when I first started it.

What I do know is I’ve read it so many times that the thought of looking at it again makes me want to scream! But and however, I have to look at it again. I have to make sure it makes sense and I have to get it right.

The rest of the stories are fun (and much shorter), so I may actually start with those before getting to the big one. My plan is to finish self-edits by the end of this month if I can, middle of June if I’m pushing it, beginning of July at the latest.

I’m creating space to give myself grace, but I do have a main goal and a hard deadline.

So much of writing these stories has been processing trauma and healing myself. The stories are all fictional this time, unlike my first book which included personal essays as well.

I’m excited for people to read these stories. And I hope they are enjoyed because I have enjyoed writing them!