Sourcing Black-Owned Teas (Intro)

If you’ve been here for a period of time, you know I love a good cup of tea. The last time I wanted to order tea from the shop in Georgia where I used to get tea, I wasn’t able to. I don’t know if they shut down temporarily or permanently, but I had to shop elsewhere. The guy I was “talking to” at the time sent me a link for The Tea Spot and I ordered a few sample teas from there that I really like. I haven’t finished most of the samples I ordered because I’ve been obsessed with chai in the mornings the last couple of months and most of the teas I ordered contain caffeine so they are not bedtime friendly.

Just like adding books to my reading list before finishing the ones already on it, I want to explore more tea shops. This time, I’d like to find a couple of really good Black-owned tea companies and see if I can find a new favorite black and/or green tea. I will be sharing my process and reviews here and in video form, so you can watch or read as you prefer.

I found a website recently that has a good list of Black-owned tea companies, and will be conducting my search from there. Finding local Black-owned tea companies is a different challenge… one I will tackle at a later time. For this search, I will be assessing the following (give or take):

*Website design/usability
*Tea selections
*Detailed descriptions and ingredient lists
*Affordability (tea prices and shipping costs)
*Availability & sizes of samples
*Shipping times
*Brewing instructions/measurements on packaging
*Effect (calming, energizing, etc.)

It will certainly take some time to work through this, so it’ll be a couple of weeks before we have our final decisions, but stay tuned to findo out whether I discover a new favorite tea and/or a new favorite shop.

Until next time,

Happy reading!