Nice Thick Journals

You know, I was really excited about creating these journals. Like, really excited. Mostly because I haven’t been able to find large journals lately, and I knew if I wanted one, someone else would want one as well. However, my efforts at releasing them are feeling lackluster. I feel like I’ve been talking about them so much, but then I’m like, “oh, wait, I haven’t told anybody where they can buy them!”

So, here I am… telling you where you can buy them! [rolls eyes in self-shame]

Hear me now, these aren’t your average 80-page low-content journals. These journals are nice, thick, heavy, hardcover journals. Each containing 300+ useable pages. I wouldn’t create anything for you that I wouldn’t use myself. I’ve been the person who bought a $15 “book ” on Amazon only for it to show up in an envelope and appear to be more of a pamphlet (this thing was literally 70-80 pages. I was hot.). I didn’t return it, though, because I should’ve been paying attention to the details before I bought it.

Anyway, my point is there was actual passion and effort put into these journals—they weren’t just thrown together. And while these may be the only stationery products I have for a while, this is just the beginning of what I want to create.

Okay, about the journals…

The Growing Tree Journal (which is what I should’ve titled it on KDP in the first place [face palm]) is a 300+ page lined hardcover journal for general journaling.

As the pages go by, you’ll see some growth—in the images, but also (hopefully) in yourself. The Growing Tree Journal is great for people who have lots of thoughts to get out at the end of the day (or whenever the need arises). The unprompted and undated lined pages allow for your thoughts to flow freely for as long as you need.

The Daily Reflection Journal contains an introduction as well as 366 prompted journal pages—one for every day (including an extra for leap year). This hardcover daily journal is undated, so you can begin your journaling whenever you like, and it will still carry you through a year.

There are 4 prompts on each page to use as an evening reflection. There is also a mid-year reflection section with some additional questions. The Daily Reflection Journal is especially useful for those who want to journal but don’t know what to write.

What’s better than choosing one journal? Choosing both! That’s what I do. I use a daily prompted journal as well as an unprompted lined journal. Most days I only use the prompted journal, but there are many times I need to elaborate on my thoughts or process an interaction, and I can only do that through free writing in my lined journal.

Both of the journals are available to purchase on Amazon. You can find the links to both journals as well as my collection of essays and short stories at

And if you do grab one (or both) of these journals, I would love to hear how you like them. I intend to make more journal sets in the future, and if I can make them better, that’s exactly what I want to do.

Thanks (as always) for being on this journey with me.

-Christine Gabriélle

Unhiding and Digging In

I have a habit of keeping to the background in life. I like to be behind the scenes. I’m also good at being non-committal. When I have a job, I do good work, but I never let myself commit to the place or the people. I keep my interest surface-level because I know well how an employer can (and will) let me go when it no longer suits their budget to keep me on.

However, I have also been taking this nonchalant approach to my business, which, by the way, I keep referring to as “personal projects” to avoid committing to becoming a small business owner. I have not put on the hat of “authorpreneur” as of yet. Honestly, I feel a lot of apprehension regarding business ownership. There’s so much to do and learn and so much trial and error… but even as I say that, I am reminded that that’s life. So, I’m just around here afraid to live.

I was telling someone over the weekend that I used to not be afraid to take risks or pivot. I dropped out of my first semester of university (after two years of community college) because I was on a teaching track and absolutely did not want to be a teacher. When I worked at the school, I was let go and rehired on and off for five years based on the decisions of the board and their budget/priorities and didn’t have a concern in the world. I bought a ticket to New York the same day my friend told me she and her sister were going to a wedding because she said I should come. It wasn’t until I finished grad school and spent years trying to get a library job (unsuccessfully, might I add) that I stopped trusting myself to make the right decisions.

I’ve been working through the issue of not trusting myself in therapy for a while, and I realize that I have not been digging in to my relationships, jobs, or business and I need to start doing so. The first step was to stop running from the man I wanted to be in a relationship with just because I was scared. I’ve also decided recently to commit to the job I have as a designer with Mussio Designs. Making it an important part of my life and putting effort into bringing in more clients will positively impact my current and future goals. I had no idea that website design would be something I enjoy, but lo and behold I’m loving it, and I realize the better the company does, the better I will do (and be).

Most importantly, though, I have to stop hiding and start digging in to small business ownership. I have to. NINE & TWO has to be more than it is or I am not honoring the gifts and vision God has loaned me. Sometimes I cringe at that level of responsibility because something has me convinced that it’s going to be too difficult for me, and I’ve been believing that something for a very long time. I’ve got really good people in my corner right now. People I didn’t have before but with whom I have so easily connected and placed trust in to share my dreams. These people will push me in uncomfortable ways and I will push back because I’m scared. Ultimately, though, the push truly is something I need.

So, I’m figuring out ways to make NINE & TWO more than just the place I rant about books and writing woes. NINE & TWO Press will continue to publish my books and we’ll add merch as soon as I figure out where to get exactly what I want at a price that makes sense for me. Because, let’s be honest, I would never sell something I wouldn’t buy or at a price I wouldn’t spend. So, it has to be right. You mean way more to me than a quick buck. Especially those of you who have been here a while and continue to indulge me. Truly, I appreciate you.

So, that’s it. I’m going to stop hiding and figure out how to be more present for myself and for the brand, put myself out there, and build something. The vision is big-big, yall. I have no clue what the road looks like, but I’m going to stop trying to see every twist and turn ahead and just take a step at a time.

Thanks for being here, and thanks for nurturing this space with your presence.