“I said what the fuck I said!”


And that’s all folks! Now, I’m sure I could figure out a one-word story, but I’ve decided against it. I think I’ve pared these characters down as far as they’d like. We’ve had some big bodies, some big personalities, and some big mouths over the course of this little series.

We’ll see what we want to play with next. Until then…

Happy Reading!


                Janet twirled around the fountain—fuchsia dress flowing out around her, feet barely touching the ground—dancing to inaudible music. She reached for a nearby child and spun him in the air.

                “How do you even deal with her?” Levi scoffed.

                A smile spread slowly across Jay’s face. “Love, man.”


                “But why does this always happen to meeeeeeeee?”

                “Wooo chile, you gon have to stop all that whinin’ now. Pick up ya bag, now, go on.”

                “Seriously, Tina,” Mel sniffles, “I can’t catch a break. This is the third job I’ve had where the company goes belly-up and everybody gets laid off! I swear something or somebody is out to get me.”

                “Nobody’s out to get you girl. Wipe ya face. You just gotta pick yaself up and keep pushin’. Come on now, let’s go. Aint no use cryin’ over them folks.”


                “You crazy? Put the matches down Mel!.”