Ginger Happy Tea

One of my current favorite teas is the Be Happy Tea from Tea Clan. It’s an herbal tea mix of guayusa, raspberry bits, apple bits, green rooibos, green jasmine tea, hibiscus, rosehips, and “natural flavor”. All the ingredients (other than “natural flavor”) are listed as organic.

One of my favorite ways to make this tea is by mixing in Ginger Root (also from Tea Clan) to make it more…rich, soothing, energizing…good. I call it “Ginger Happy Tea.” It’s difficult to describe flavor, but I will try. Be Happy is fruity and flavorful with a hint of sweetness, and the Ginger Root adds a little warmth and a little spiciness to it. I enjoy both on their own, but the combination of the two is so much better.

Since I try not to drink coffee too often, I will sometimes have a cup of Ginger Happy Tea in the morning while I start my work day instead of plain water. It has a bit of its own sweetness because of the apple and probably the “natural flavor” (whatever’s in that), but I love the taste of honey in my tea so I always add some for taste and sweetness.

If you haven’t checked out Tea Clan since my last tea post, I suggest you head over and order some samples. I’m almost due for more samples myself. I like the samples because they offer a budget-friendly means of finding my favorite mixes. However, I’ll probably order a 4oz Ginger Root because I will always enjoy that. My gut clenches at paying $18 for ginger, but buying it from a place I trust is much better than trying to process and dry it myself. Also, I just weirdly like the shape of Tea Clan’s ginger.

What are you drinking more of lately?

P.S. I’m still looking for good flowering teas. Help me out if you know a solid (and budget-friendly) place to get good ones.

What goes better with a good book than…

…a cup of tea?

I heart a good cup of tea whether or not it’s with a good book (or any book for that matter).

I went on a trip to Georgia last year with my mom, aunt, and a few of my girl-cousins. While at the Mall of Georgia I found this cute little tea store that sold loose leaf tea. I was the only one excited about it so while my mom and cousins went to the Apple store, I went in to smell several different tea combinations.

Now, I was initially put off by the price of the tea. When you’re used to paying less than $5.00 for a box of tea at a grocery store, seeing a $16.50 price tag for 4oz of loose leaf tea is not really appealing (I said I liked tea, not that I was good at it).

They did have sample sizes for $2.99, however, so I picked up three of those and went on my merry little way. They also sold prepared tea (iced and hot) so I ended up returning with my mom so she could get a passion fruit iced tea (I tasted it and it was delicious!).

I went home with Tea Clan’s At the Waterfront herbal tea, Cherry Rose green tea, and Coconut Cacao Pu’erh tea.

I am not a daily tea drinker but I do go through phases where I drink tea constantly. Those three little bags of tea lasted almost a year before I had to restock my stash (I actually still have some of the Coconut Cacao tea because I haven’t reconciled drinking a tea that tastes like it should be warm and creamy with not wanting my tea to be creamy). This time I ordered online (since I don’t live in Georgia) and got the Sleep Tea, Be Happy Tea, and some Ginger Root.

I love the look of the little blue cornflower petals in the Sleep Tea, but I’ve come to realize I am not a fan of chamomile, so this will not be a tea I buy again. My favorite tea by far, though, is one I made using the Ginger Root from Tea Clan and some Gunpowder Green Tea I bought from Lucky’s before the one in my area closed.

Half Gunpowder, half Ginger, lots of honey. Perfection.

I sacrificed my own happiness and used the rest of my Gunpowder Green Tea to make my mom a mug to take to work. Thankfully Tea Clan also sells Gunpowder Green Tea so I’ll be able to restock the next time I buy tea (I can’t get myself to pay $8 shipping for a $3 bag of tea so I have to wait until I restock completely).

I want to try flowering teas next. They look beautiful in photos I’ve seen and I’d like to find a local place to get a few since Tea Clan doesn’t seem to have them online. Maybe that’ll be my next adventure…finding a local non-grocery store source of good tea.

Until then…

Happy Reading!