You are not where you wanted to be but that’s okay. Keep pushing. Keep moving. Even if you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere, don’t stop.

Anxiety is scarier than you thought it could be. This is new and you don’t know how to manage it yet. Be gentle with yourself. Find a therapist. No, seriously.

You don’t give yourself nearly enough credit. You create beautiful things. Dig in. Get better at it. Stop hiding from the world.

It’s okay for you to not want things. To do things. To go places. It’s okay for you to not want kids.

Some people will never understand who you are. That’s okay, they aren’t supposed to.

Advocate for yourself. Speak up. Ask for what you want. Tell people what you will not do. Your voice is strong. There aren’t enough people who know that.

Keep looking inward. Continue to seek understanding of who you are. For yourself. For those you love.

You are loved. Even when you don’t feel it.

God is.

Your hair is your crown. Protect it. Cover it. Flaunt it. Whatever feels right.

Be open to the possibilities, even when they don’t look like what you wanted.

What feels true right now will not feel true always. Go with your gut, even when it changes.

Write. And then write some more.

Don’t forget to read. To learn, to escape, to feel…just pick up the book.

It’s okay to say “no”. It’s also okay to say “yes”.

Be as complex as you want to be. Be difficult. Take up space. You were not created to be simple. Stop trying so hard to fit in. You are not easy. Be all the colors. Be none.

Dance, girl, dance. In the mirror, at the very least.

Every year is your year. Your year to do something. Your year to do everything. Your year to do nothing. Your year to just be.

Occupy until He comes. There is no timeline. Make the best of what is given to you. But really make the best of it.

You are not alone. You are never alone. Spread your arms. Reach out. Touch someone.

Psalm 91

Psalm 139:1-18

Give of yourself but never give yourself away.

Sing girl!

Happy birthday to me!