Discovering My Outside Voice

Get your copy of Christine’s first book of essays and short stories!

Great news! Discovering My Outside Voice is now available at Sunshine Book Co. in Clermont, FL

Discovering My Outside Voice is a collection of essays and short stories pulling from personal experience and vivid imagination, emotional trauma and expectation, and a desire to stop living and dreaming in silence. Christine Gabriélle takes the reader along on a journey of finding her voice, both as a Black woman and as a writer, and learning to tell her own stories.

Christine Gabriélle’s essays cover experiences from childhood and adulthood that shaped her as a person. She reflects on dropping her baby cousin in a pool, visiting a plantation, the lives of her Haitian and African-American grandmothers, and then leads the reader through the experience of her uncertain mental health during a global pandemic. Her stories tell of love, friendship, supernatural punishment, creating community, and why we remember the past.