I’m Still Here and Changes are Coming

I’ve never really liked job searching, you know. All the scrolling, reading, updating, cover letter-ing, and submitting gets overwhelming after a while. So, to break up some of the monotony, I’ve been indulging in career conferences and webinars about pivoting and finding the right career. And I’ve been inspired.

I attended a webinar yesterday about personal branding and it got me thinking about my own brand of sorts (obviously, since that was kind of the point). I realized I’ve been trying to force NINE & TWO to be a personal brand when it is meant to be more. I mentioned merch some time ago but have since altered the vision a bit. Nothing is official yet with that, but the vision I have for this space (my personal brand space) is becoming much clearer.

If you’re still hanging with me, thank you! No, seriously, you rock.

Stay tuned for some much-needed revamping around here. I look forward to building and creating and seeing what comes of it.

Happy Fall!

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