Always a New Project and Taking Some Time

I always find a way to add stuff to my plate instead of focusing on one thing at a time like I probably should. I tend to find projects that will distract me from the real things I need to be doing. This time, however, the project found me!

My employer/coworker decided during one of our recent conversations that she wanted to start a podcast. So, we’re starting a podcast (lol). She and I have really interesting conversations during our workdays, and she wanted to invite others to be part of our talks. My cousin, who is also her friend and one of our clients, was the first person we thought of to be the third co-host. While the conversations are always good (and sometimes educational), my lovely cohosts use what I like to call “rough language,” so after recording the first couple of episodes, I’ve decided not to share it on my NINE & TWO platforms.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I started yet another project.

Something more…

In adding this new adventure to my plate, I realize that I’m in charge of too many things right now and not focusing on the one major thing I need to be doing—finding a stable (ha!) job.

I quit my full-time job at the end of December because I was burnt out and wasn’t making enough money for the amount of stress I was under. I took a few months to breathe and have been working part-time since May. I love my current p/t job, but working like this isn’t allowing me the financial freedom I desire. I hate checking my bank account just to go on a date with the man.

So, I need to refocus.

If you’ve been here for a while, you know I’m no stranger to taking a break from this space when needed. And while I love coming here every week, it’s just one more thing I have to do.

I’m frustrated. I threw out all my little lemon plants, my palm that never recovered from the harsh apartment balcony, and my avocado plant that caught pests I couldn’t seem to get rid of and lost patience to deal with (probably from a neighbor and the wind because I’ve never had issues with anything other than fungus gnats on my plants).

I’ve kept the plants that require the least amount of maintenance (and will not be propagating anymore trimmings for now). I’m still working on book 2. I will eventually figure out merch stuff. Priority #1, though, is getting myself into a better state of work/money/life.

All of the demanding-but-not-providing things—blog, YouTube, Instagram—have to be taken off the stove for now. There are no more available burners.

I’ll be back eventually because you know I love it here. Until then…

Happy reading… writing… living.

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