Initial Product Samples

I’m trying to be intentional about acting on my vision and not just visualizing, so I ordered some t-shirt samples and a tote bag from Vistaprint.

First up, the “There’s No Revenge Body” tank. It’s a quote from one of my essays in Discovering My Outside Voice.

This tank is not soft like I prefer, and the arm holes are larger than necessary, but I do like how the text is printed into the fabric rather than laying on top of it. Still, I need to be comfy and this isn’t it.

Next, the NINE & TWO Press logo tote bag.

I love it! I do wish the logo was larger on the bag (like it looked when I designed it), but I still really like it. It zips closed and has a little zippered pocket inside. I can’t wait to use it to tote my writing stuff when I decide to work outside or clothes if I decide to use it as an overnight bag. It’s big enough.

Lastly, the Black On Black tee. This is meant to be a replica of one of the shirts described in my short story “The Black Room” and worn by one of my characters. The first shirt came out with additional details that were not designed into the shirt.

I called customer service and they sent me a second shirt.

This one came out much better. The positioning was a little higher on the chest than I realized it would be, but it looks good and I’m excited to wear it this week. It is definitely screen printed on top of the fabric rather than into the fabric like I would’ve preferred, and the way the light reflects off of it makes it look gray in the picture, but that’s what this testing period is about. I’m just trying to find the best version of the products I want.

Overall, Vistaprint garment prices are fine when ordering for myself, but the price to sell would be way higher than what my ideal prices are, so we won’t be sourcing shirts from this vendor. I still want to order some stationary samples from here because, so far, they have the best prices, but I’m still looking into additional vendors.

I’ll let you know what I order next.

3 thoughts on “Initial Product Samples

    1. Very exciting! But also, I’m a bit of a perfectionist and trying to find that *just right* vendor is a challenge. I’m enjoying the journey nonetheless. 🙂

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