Acrylic Wall Calendar & Dry Erase Board DIY

When I bought and painted a new desk at the beginning of the year, I also ordered an acrylic sheet to put on top so I wouldn’t completely ruin the white paint. When I picked up the acrylic, the guy loaded two extra pieces into my car that I had no idea what to do with. I put the sized piece onto my desk and the extra pieces into storage until we moved in April.

One thing I loved about my new acrylic desk topper was that I could write notes on it if I needed. However, my desktop is often covered with notebooks, remotes, a water gallon, a tea mug, pens, etc., so there wasn’t really any space leftover to see any notes I would’ve written.

Enter bright idea #1 – a clear dry erase board for the wall. I’ll be honest and say this was not an original idea. I had a small one saved in my Etsy favorites, but it was going to cost some change that I did not want to spend. I figured now that I had a couple sheets of clear acrylic with no purpose, I could just make my own.

Bright idea #2 came later as I was searching for other things to do with clear acrylic. I’ve always hated paper desk calendars because they require me to move my keyboard and all the other aforementioned items that litter my desk in order to use them. When I stumbled upon acrylic wall calendars, though, the sky opened up and angels came down to rest on my phone screen.

Initially, I asked my dad to cut the acrylic to the sizes I wanted for my new office accessories. He was taking way too long to get to that, so I consulted Google (as I do) and Google told me to score the acrylic with a box cutter and snap it along the line. OKAY!

And it worked.

I’d already grabbed some thin washi tape and metallic letters from Hobby Lobby and command strips from Wally (I didn’t want to put holes in the wall for these in case I decided to relocate them around the room later) in anticipation of this project, so I was ready to go once the acrylic was snapped to size.

The rolls of washi had way less tape on them than I imagined, so I ended up using three different colors for my calendar (rose gold = horizontal lines, copper = vertical lines, yellow gold = squares on the side). Thankfully, each roll was enough of that color to make the lines consistent.

Anyway, I know you’re probably like, “just show me the pictures Christine!” So, here you go:

Also, video will be up on YouTube sometime soon.

I finally got ahold of The Personal Librarian, so I’ll let you know how that goes shortly.

Happy DIY-ing!

3 thoughts on “Acrylic Wall Calendar & Dry Erase Board DIY

    1. Thank you! I really have such a difficult time with waiting. When I decide I want something, I want it in that moment. One of my toxic traits, I guess… except when I can, in fact, make it happen right then. 😁


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