What’s New?

Has my YouTube journey come to an end so quickly? I don’t want it to end yet, but the free video editor I liked stopped working and I’ve since downloaded, tested, and uninstalled five others (one of them froze my laptop). I don’t have a Mac, so iMovie isn’t an option, and the default Windows video editor does not have the functionality I need. This is just a fun thing to do; I don’t plan (right now) to earn from it, so paying for a video editor seems wasteful. I’m still figuring out my next course of action.

Speaking of YouTube, I changed my channel name to “CH Does Life”. Since closing the door on Insert Adventist, the channel needed a new name and that’s what I came up with since there were other “Christine Gabriélle” channels out there and I didn’t want to be just another one on the list.

I’m thinking about adding to the “related things” we talk about here and including plant content. Honestly, though, my plants don’t take up as much of my time as they used to. Besides—provided I find an appropriate editing software—plant content is better in video. Actually, next week’s video is a plant video (if I can get it edited and uploaded).

I’ve started a part time job with a small web design/graphic design/social media marketing company and I’m really enjoying myself. The woman I work with has encouraged me to do more with this space, so I’m trying to figure out some new things. The biggest things on my mind right now are t-shirts and bookmarks. Personally, I can never have enough good T’s and tanks, and I can never find a bookmark when I need one (I tend to use folded sticky notes instead).

I’m thinking general book-/writing-related designs as well as designs specific to stories and characters from Discovering My Outside Voice. As I complete more books (like the novel I’m working on), I can have a collection of shirts and bookmarks themed for each book. I also want a tote bag. For myself, at least.

I worked on editing out by the lake at my parents’ community clubhouse this past Friday. I needed something to carry my printout, markers, bottle of water, sunglasses, etc. so I grabbed the tote I received from my law office job. As I grabbed it, I was a little disappointed that I was advertising someone else’s business instead of my own. So, I want a tote bag of my own, especially when carrying around supplies for the book I’m currently working on.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am easily overwhelmed by the extent of all the possibilities I imagine. There are so many ideas and sometimes it feels like too much to produce. But I’m learning to have faith and to take one step at a time. I don’t know how long it’ll be until I have tangible products to offer you, and I don’t know yet what this space will evolve into, but I hope you’ll stick around to find out.

Happy reading!

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