In Progress

I haven’t unpacked anything that was in the storage unit (that’s now in the garage). I don’t even know where all of my boxes are because we haven’t made a dent in the garage stuff yet. So, my office is still in progress.

I’ve decided to stop posting on my second blog. It’s tied to a religion I’m not even sure I’m attached to anymore. I’m forever working on my relationship with God, but my connection to the denomination I grew up in has been diminishing lately. My spiritual life is still in progress.

I started working in my cousin’s budding home health business last week. Yesterday, I was offered part time work with her web designer/social media manager, and I accepted. I also started a free online Instructional Design course on Coursera yesterday in an effort to gain new knowledge and build new skills. My career goals are still in progress.

I told my therapist that I can’t seem to find my “writing hands” and am struggling to start a new writing routine. I feel like I have the will (in my mind), but I can’t find the action (in my hands). My writing practice is still in progress.

I decided to stop “digging into the future” for problems and give this relationship a real chance. I can commit to a lot of things, but committing to a relationship—to being open, vulnerable, available, supportive, and prioritizing the needs of someone other than myself—has been a challenge for me in recent years. I’m committed to trying, though. My relationship status is still in progress.

I guess I’ve got to accept that I will forever and always be a work in progress. And I guess it’s not so bad so long as I am truly progressing.

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