My First Bookish Event

The past couple of weeks have flown by! We had our Zoom party this past Saturday night, and it turned out well. I had little idea about how to host a fun book release zoom party, but I think I did okay. Only about half of those who registered attended, but the smaller group made it more comfortable for me talking about Discovering My Outside Voice. I started crying, of course, and I would have liked for people to ask me questions about the book as a whole or even certain parts of it, but I think we had a good time regardless.

Also, congratulations to Memi for winning our giveaway box! I did end up adding some additional items to the gift box. This is the final look:

Outside Voice Giveaway Box: 1 Copy of Discovering My Outside Voice: Essays and Short Stories, 1 Outside Voice Bookmark, 1 Spiral Notebook, 1 Pink NINE & TWO Press Engraved Ballpoint Pen, 2 Loose Leaf Tea Sample Bags from The Tea Spot–Moroccan Mint Tea and Lady Lavender, 1 Stainless Steel Tea Ball. Also, faux flowers instead of filler paper.

Creating this gift box was so much fun! I included things I personally love and hope our winner loves as well.

I will be planning a book signing (at the request of my mother’s friends, ha!) for January 2022. I had no intent to do a book signing to begin with. This is my first book, why would anyone care to have a signed copy? That was my thought, anyway. However, more than one person requested a signature, so I am obliging by scheduling a signing at a local (to my old neighborhood) bookstore. I went by there Sunday with my mom to check it out while we were running errands, and it’s super cute. I’m kind of excited now.

That’s the thing about doing a thing… it forces you to interact with more people and push yourself beyond what typically feels comfortable. Sometimes I wish I had a twin who enjoyed doing all the public-facing stuff so I could keep to the background where I feel safe. But I am expanding. Purposely and purposefully.

I’m on vacation this week, so I shouldn’t hang around here too long. We’ve got some sightseeing to do!

Until next time…

Happy Reading!

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