Let me Introduce You to My Book Cover

When I was first thinking about this cover reveal, I decided I would split the image into twelve pieces and post one piece every Tuesday and Friday for six weeks. After the second day, I was annoyed with the thought of it [smacks forehead]. Last week, I decided to post a new row of images (3 pieces) Tuesday, Friday, and today until the cover was complete in my Instagram feed.

By the end of today, the full cover will be visible on the @ninentwo Instagram grid. However, since this blog and whoever reads it have been with me through this entire process, I wanted to show you the cover first. Also, the way the cover images were separated resulted in a little bit of distortion, so the image on Instagram isn’t perfect.

Here it is, the cover for Discovering My Outside Voice: Essays and Short Stories:

The book is being prepared to be available for sale on November 1st to kick off my favorite month. Let me know what you think of the cover!

Happy Reading!

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