Pen Name or Nah?

One of the decisions I had to make when writing my book was what name I would be writing under. It seemed like an easy decision initially—first and last—but then I thought about getting married in the future and changing my last name and how I’d like all my books to be under one name and fully representative of who I am at all stages of my life.

I thought about going by the name Juanita Therese. This is what my dad wanted to name me at birth—giving me the middle names of my grandmothers—but my mother decided she liked Christine better.

I thought about going by a different pen name, but it didn’t feel authentic. I’m not trying to disconnect my identity from my writing because my writing is about my identity. I think I’d be more inclined to use a pen name if my writing were strictly about fictional characters, but it’s not, so it is inseparable from me.

So, I decided the most authentic version of my name is first and middle. My last name will change when I eventually get married, but my first and middle names will forever be.

Hello, I’m Christine Gabriélle.

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