Roxane Gay: Hunger

First, I’ll say Hunger was a much faster read than I Almost Forgot About You, probably because it was a more interesting read. Hunger is an intimate look into Roxane Gay’s mind, feelings, and the relationship she has with her body. Some parts of it were heartbreaking, some parts made me chuckle, and others hit me square in the gut.

I cannot relate to many of Gay’s experiences, or the desire to make herself larger as a form of protection, but I can relate to navigating the world as an fat/overweight/plus size/larger/whateveryouwannacallit woman. There were several moments that stood out to me, but here are a few of the quotes that resonated with me most:

I wish, so very much, that I could write a book about triumphant weight loss… about being at peace and loving myself wholly…

…I was ashamed by how I deny myself so much and it is still not enough.

I am self-conscious beyond measure. I am intensely and constantly preoccupied with my body in the world because I know what people think and what they see when they look at me… I am hyperconscious of how I take up space… I am not supposed to take up space… I live in a contradictory space where I should try to take up space but not too much of it, and not in the wrong way, where the wrong way is any way where my body is concerned.

Have you ever been so full of feelings but you couldn’t quite put them into words? That’s how I feel about this book. Reading it makes me feel so many things that are difficult to articulate. Maybe it’s because I haven’t sat with it long enough, or maybe it’s just good without needing a detailed analysis of why it’s good. Whatever it is, I do know one thing… Gay is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors.

That’s it for today, folks. I’m preparing myself for a lovely birthday weekend, although I have no actual plans. I will spend some quality time with my mom (technically, it’s her day too because she did all the work of giving birth to me) and probably work on book stuff. I tend to get a bit reflective around my birthday, so I’ll probably journal about my hopes and dreams for this next year of my life.

Also, movies. If you’ve seen any really good ones lately (particularly sci-fi/fantasy movies), let me know. I wouldn’t mind spending one of these days in bed watching good movies.

Happy reading! Oh, and happy last day of August!

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