Terry McMillan: I Almost Forgot About You

First, I’m only halfway through this book. Second, the characters are a bit older than I’d anticipated. Third, I really can’t stand the way these friends speak to each other most times.

I Almost Forgot About You is the story of a woman, Georgia, who is going through a life change. We’re not going to call it a midlife crisis. She wants to quit her practice (Optometry), sell her house, and go on a long train ride. She also decides, after a run-in with an old boyfriend’s daughter (and finding out he died), she wants to look up all her past loves and see how they are doing.

I initially thought this would be a great summer read. I thought it would be flirty, exciting, you know… summery. And I’m not saying I’m not thoroughly interested in the storyline, it’s just a little more subdued (so far) than I thought it would be, and that’s mostly because the main characters are in their 50’s. These are mature women with husbands (and/or ex-husbands) and grown children, some of whom have children of their own and others who are working on it. Everyone around her is going through something—one daughter is going through something financial and the other is having boyfriend drama, one of her friends is moving out of the cold with her husband and the other is on the verge of losing her entire career as well as her houseboat.

I don’t know if women in their 50’s generally speak to each other the way Georgia and her friends Wanda and Violet speak to each other, but it annoys me. Every conversation feels a little contentious, especially with Violet. They constantly sound annoyed with each other, even when they are teasing each other in a playful way. I find myself wondering why they are even friends. I was highly annoyed when Wanda tried to set Georgia up with an old “friend” of her husband’s that neither she nor her husband actually liked! Like, why would you bother setting your friend up with someone who was not a nice person? I was also highly annoyed when Violet asked Georgia for ten grand because she got herself in trouble and was about to no longer be able to practice law.

Georgia is really only looking to catch up with her top five exs, but along the way there are some other men from her past (many of whom she doesn’t even remember at first) who come across her path. She has strained relationships with her ex-husbands, so she’s not necessarily checking for them, but she does have to deal with them. She meets new men in the process as well, though not all of them have good personalities.

It’s been a slow read so far. Steady, interesting, but not something I can’t put down. I still intend to get all three of my summer reading books done by the end of summer (September 20-something). Between work (and finding new work) and book publishing, I just have to split my time into smaller pieces. If this book gets really exciting or ends in an interesting way, I’ll come back and update you. Otherwise, I just want to see what happens with Georgia and her men.

Happy Reading!

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