I’m Not Writing Anymore

The last short story I wrote was the one that got published at the end of last year. I wrote it in May…at the beginning of May. I haven’t written a short story since.

It didn’t even register to me that I haven’t been writing until this week because I’ve been writing here. I even tried a series of micro fiction—still not sure how I feel about that. The feeling that something was missing hit me this week at work. I wasn’t feeling quite like myself—I wasn’t feeling sexy or creative or comfortable…and then it dawned on me that I also wasn’t writing. I hadn’t set a routine while I was working from home, and now that I’m back working in the office my time management in the mornings is worse.

I was in survival mode last year. I’m still not quite out of it yet, but I’m working to get better. Nearly crippled by stress and anxiety, it was all I could do to get out of bed and work (at my desk…at the foot of my bed). Of course, I found projects to keep my mind and my hands busy, but I realize now that I couldn’t write in that state.

I need to find my flow again. I need to implement a new writing practice. I need to get back to my short stories.

I honestly don’t want to wake up earlier than I already do, but I definitely should utilize my morning time better. I need to at least take 15 minutes to put some words down every day. I’m not good at dictating a story into a recorder…if I were I could do that during my breaks at work and have a lot done by the end of the week. A big part of writing for me is letting a story come out of my fingers—be it typed or written.

I need to stretch my writing muscles (my physical ones too) and get them back to regular use. I’m sure the first time is going to be…interesting. I’ll let you know how it goes.

How do you make time to write every day? How often is your daily writing productive writing? What’s your writing routine? I want to hear from you.

Until next time…Happy Writing!

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