Angie Smith: What Women Fear

I don’t often write about books I read as devotionals on this blog—I usually leave that for Insert Adventist—but this book spoke to me on so many levels that I had to share.

I’d never before read a book that I identified with so much. I have talked about the anxiety I experience over on the second site, and although I am learning how to articulate my emotions more effectively, I’ve spent a lot of years not knowing how to describe what I’m feeling.

There were several instances where she would describe her fear—especially the fear she had as a child—and I would have an “it’s me, it’s me!” moment. And it wasn’t so much that I was excited about the fear she was describing, but I finally felt like someone else knew what I was experiencing and could actually put it into words. There were quite a few tears during the first half of the book.

One thing I really appreciated in this book was Angie’s honesty. She was honest about the fact that having faith in God doesn’t make every fear go away. She said that it’s more of a balancing act—leaning into God and away from fear.

This book didn’t solve any of my problems, but it did encourage me to seek out ways to figure out how to better manage them and to ask for help with things that are beyond my ability to control. And it’s scary sometimes, accepting that I can’t do it all on my own, but I also know I’m not alone.

Since I am neither married nor a parent, there were parts that I could not relate to, but overall I found this book to be very helpful. It is a book that I may actually read again, and I certainly don’t do that often.

If you’re looking for a discussion of fear and anxiety from a faith-based perspective, this may be the read for you. She talks about fear experienced on different levels—as a child, as an adult, as a mother, as a woman. She talks about the fear that her mom would die if she left her side as well as the heartbreak of losing one of her own children.

This book could not have come at a better time for me. And honestly, I still have no clue how it ended up on my Overdrive wish list, but I’m glad it was there.

What book are you reading (or have read recently) that had you in your feelings and encouraged to seek change in your life? Let me know. And as always…

Happy Reading!

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