Give him a chance, he’s a nice guy.

                Melonie’s words kept repeating over in my head. I wore the flattest shoes I could find and showed up with a smile on my face. I sat quickly so we wouldn’t be standing next to each other too long, but that brief minute of being face to…neck was enough for me to know it wasn’t going to work. I was a full four inches taller than him. It didn’t seem like that much when Mel and I were talking about it but standing alongside it…him…it was uncomfortably noticeable.

                I tried to push down the feeling in my gut and fully engage. We talked about work. He was an orthodontist and very enthusiastic about it. Too enthusiastic about it. Why hadn’t I insisted on morning coffee? So do you always date taller women? Against my better judgement I asked the question.

“I like climbing trees.”

                I thought people only talked like that in movies. I asked him to explain. Again, against better judgement. His explanation was just as sleazy as his initial answer. I gulped the rest of my blackberry lemonade and walked away from the table, dialing Melonie. Mel, no more hookups.

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