I’m challenging myself to do a bit of a miniseries of micro fiction. A full story in 300 words or less? Sure. There will be a new story each month—same theme, different characters, may or may not be intertwined. Let’s see how this goes shall we….


I really thought this would be easier. I should feel…relaxed…stress-free…excited. I can wear whatever I want and be comfortable. No heels, no shapewear, thank God! Still I’ve been staring into my closet for forty-five minutes trying to figure out what to put on.  

“Honestly dude, she’s mad cool. We’re just gonna have a chill night. No pressure. Just some one-on-one time. Relaxed, no stress, just a comfortable night in.”

Okay, I think I’ve got it. Black leggings and an oversized cream-colored sweater that sits off the shoulder on one side. It’s not my usual first date outfit—dressy top, jeans, heels; casual but not too casual—but it’ll work. It’s nice not to feel so sucked in, but I don’t want to feel slouchy either. Red lipstick! Much better.

“What do you mean what am I wearing? What else would I be wearing? Jeans and t-shirt my dude. Yea, we’re gonna eat.”

Wine. I need wine. Great…the chicken is overcooked. Too much time staring at that darn closet! Oh well, it’ll do. Let’s see. Chicken…mashed potatoes…

“Chicken, mashed potatoes, asparagus or broccoli or some green vegetable. I don’t know man, you know people always have to have a green vegetable like on TV. I woulda been happy with just the chicken and potatoes, but that’s what she wanted to make. I got to pick dessert though.”

…and cookies. Okay, I think we’re good. I’m ready now.

“Alright dude. Gotta go. Yea I’ll let you know.”



“How’d your chicken come out?”

“Actually pretty good. Yours?”

“Overcooked. But I’ve got cookies! Good choice by the way.”

“This is weird right? Is it weird? Or is it just me being weird?”

“It’s kinda weird. But at least I get to see you, even if it is through a screen. Cheers!”


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