New Year, New Me!

Okay, not really, but also maybe.

We’ve definitely got a new look going here. It’s something I’d been thinking about for a little bit, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted the space to look like. It’s a lot like redesigning a room using your existing furniture. You get rid of the old worn out things, add a little color to the walls, maybe change the curtains, a lot of dusting, a few new pillows, and voila!

The content, however won’t change much. We’ll chat about books—my goal is to be more thorough in that—and occasionally about writing. I didn’t make a New Year’s Resolution for this blog to become anything major—honestly, if only you read it, I’m okay with that—I was just getting tired of the old look and wanted something fresh.

This month’s book club meeting is supposed to be a discussion of my short stories that I’ve given the ladies to read, so we’ll see how that goes. We’ll also do some planning for the year—I’d really like to do a weekend beach retreat. Stick around if you want to know what happens.

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