Walidah Imarisha & Adrienne Maree Brown: Octavia’s Brood

You know once of the things I’m really into? Science-Fiction. I like Sci-Fi movies and shows, and I like Sci-Fi books too. Octavia Butler was not my first Sci-Fi author to read, but she is my favorite, so when I found a book full of Sci-Fi short stories that was named after my favorite author, I had to buy it. I did do very well this year not buying every book I wanted to read, but I did pick this one up.

Octavia’s Brood is a collection of socio-political Science Fiction short stories, though some are small pieces of larger projects. I’ll admit I did not like all of the stories, and it took me quite some time to read through this little book, however, here are some of the ones I liked most:

“the river” by adrienne maree brown (her title and name are both written in lowercase throughout the book)…the river attacks the gentrifiers
“Black Angel” by Walidah Imarisha…a fallen angel who helps the helpless despite her desire not to
“The Long Memory” by Morrigan Phillips…trying to rid the world of those who hold the memory of the past
“Small and Bright” by Autumn Brown…a race that dwells underground punishes one of its members by exiling them to the surface.
“Runway Blackout” by Tara Betts…shape-shifting model wants to strike by being her true self
“Homing Instinct” by Dani McClain…new government rule that no travel is allowed, citizens must pick one place and stay there

I wanted to read more of all of these stories, and that’s what a good short story should make me feel. Of course the nature of short stories means I can’t read more, but I’ll get over it.

Octavia’s Brood was definitely and interesting read, and I could see myself reading it again. So if you have a chance, and even the mildest fascination with Science Fiction coupled with politics, I suggest you pick this up.

Happy Reading!


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