Writing the Book

I had a little talk with God this morning—me talking, Him listening—because I really just wanted to think out loud about what productive distractions I’m spending my time on. I’m working [slowly] on a collection of short stories, and I haven’t been motivated to write lately. I enjoy writing, but I haven’t been feeling very creative lately and that prevents me from writing new stories for the book.

I started both of my blogs at times when I was unemployed, mildly depressed, and looking for something to occupy my brain space. Writing here was cathartic—it allowed me to explore my thoughts in a more productive way that kept me from sinking deeper into my own sadness. Now that I’m working again and have other writing goals that I want to accomplish, I’m wondering if blogging is just another distraction for me. I mean, really, the views are virtually non-existent so I’m basically talking to myself here, but blogging makes me feel like I’m doing something, which is what I mean by a “productive distraction”.

It’s like choosing to wash the dishes when you really should be planning your meals for the week. The dishes need to be done, but they are not what you should be focusing on in that moment. Productive distraction. Writing a post for my blog that has a 99% chance of being read by no one instead of writing a short story that needs to go into a book that will at least be read by two people. Productive distraction.

I need to finish writing this book in order to get to the book I want to write—the book for which I have a great title, but no working content. I need to focus on writing more great things. I need to write the book.

Happy Reading and Happy Writing!


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