Candice Carty-Williams: QUEENIE

Queenie Queenie Queenie….

The was the first book that the entire book club group enjoyed, even those who hadn’t read it all the way through. It was highly entertaining….and so, so cringy.

The series of gross men and bad decisions that Queenie went through…I literally yelled at the book several times. The women in this book seemed to have such little self-worth and settled for the worst possible treatment. However, examining Queenie’s experiences prompted some really great questions which facilitated a great conversation with the group.

Here are some of those questions:

  • How important is it to share our “stuff” in our relationships, and how much should we share? (“stuff” being past trauma, or in general, things that we tend to keep hidden)
  • How do we make sure the person we’re dating, if of another race, is culturally sensitive/aware?
  • Is “want” as simple as do or do not?
  • How important is intimacy between female family members?
  • Why do Black people across the globe oppose mental health as a legitimate thing, particularly the older generations?
  • Are there really no happy endings for Black women?
  • Why do older generations (especially Caribbean people) think that because they suffered we need to suffer as well? Why do they think because they held onto their pain that we can’t let go of ours?


I read the book slowly over three days, more than half of it being read on the second day. I liked the way it was written, but I still had a lot of questions. I didn’t think Queenie’s trauma and sleep paralysis were ever fully addressed, and I couldn’t seem to understand why she wanted Tom so badly—he wasn’t that great.

This book sparked a lot of thought about how we relate to people we’re dating, how we cope with our own stressors and trauma, who we seek help and advice from when we’re going through something.

It has been the best book club read so far. You should probably pick it up.

Happy reading!



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