Secret Swimming Spot

11: Write about a secret swimming spot.

The water is cool. Clear. Still, almost. Only four people know about this spot, us and them. They found it first, when they weren’t even looking, and knew it would be perfect for us. Of course, since they found it first, and it was indeed perfect for us, we felt pleasantly obligated to share it with them.

It’s not huge, but not tiny. There are large rocks on all sides, and a little waterfall at the far end that I love to sit under. It feels good on the top of my head. There’s a grotto behind the waterfall. There’s a tunnel on the far left that leads to a secret underground hideout. They found that first too. Opening my eyes under water isn’t comfortable for me at first. It took me a while to warm up to it, and I only did it because of the hideout.

There are trees along the outer edges, but not so close that they obstruct the view of the sky when we look straight up. The perfectly clear blue sky. But even when it is gray, it is still magnificent from this spot. I love floating on my back and looking at that sky. So much space. So few limits. Freedom. Water and sky.

Nothing lives in this water. Nothing but us and them. I like it that way. I like it more when they are gone and it’s just us. Sitting on the edge, water up to our shins. Under the waterfall. In the hideout or the grotto. Just us, the water, and the sky. No one to see in, nothing to see out, just us. I like it that way most.

It’s the perfect swimming spot, and it’s ours. We share it with them when we want to, but mostly keep it ourselves. It’s part of our dream. Our big, fresh, airy, wide open, four bedroom dream with a little secret swimming spot out back.


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