What I’m Reading

I have FINALLY finished One Hundred Years of Solitude! It took me nearly a years to read because I couldn’t keep up with all the Arcadio Buendias.

It was interesting though, and Marquez has a fantastic way with Magical Realism–like a trail of blood that flowed through the community to the mother’s house, or a man whose presence was always accompanied by yellow butterflies even when he wasn’t around, or the smell of a dead body that permeated through solid concrete. He makes it seem as regular as brushing one’s teeth in the morning. And I loved every bit of it! There are way too many characters with the same name for me to keep them straight, and Marquez uses soooo many words! But his descriptions are more creative than anything I could come up with, which is probably why he’s a master.

If you’re not comfortable with reading about incest this book is not for you–there are children born with the tail of a pig.

I’d rather not spoil it all for you. Feel free to ask questions though.

As for what I’m reading now…TaNehisi Coates….ugh….there aren’t enough words to describe this book in the 3 minutes before I have to clock in at work. I’ll have to sit down and really get into this one. I’m only halfway through and it hits so hard and so close to home. Stay tuned.


And as always, Happy Reading!

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