About Me

Hi, I’m Christine! I am a 30-something Florida-born introvert who loves words and music. Besides writing, I love to learn, bake, paint, cook, and watch entirely too much TV. I also enjoy a good DIY project from time to time and hate most closed-toe shoes.

I’m being more intentional about the story I’m telling of my life and who gets to be part of it. We only get to do this once, so we should enjoy it, right?

I’ve loved reading ever since I first saw Matilda (I wanted superpowers!) and I started writing as a pre-teen because it was the only way I could express my emotions. Libraries, my primary access to books, were a very important part of my childhood and still hold a special place in my heart. I ended up being an English Literature major in undergrad and then went on to get my MLIS (Masters, Library & Information Studies) with a certificate in Youth Services, so I collected lots of books during college and learned a lot about sourcing information and then breaking that info down into simpler terms.

My brand has gone through several evolutions since its inception in 2016, and I’m certain it will go through many more because… well, life. Currently, we’re expanding from talking about books and writing to including more life things. I am multi-passionate and multifaceted, and I want my brand to reflect as much of me as possible. So, here we are!

While my writing is all over the website, you can find my author info and publications here. You can also find my reading list here.

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Thanks for being here!